Fall Favorites Fun Format! (or books and bitmojis…)

Just in case you hadn’t noticed, bitmojis are popping up everywhere! Perhaps some of your teachers have a bitmoji classroom? These virtual spaces are becoming a more fun way to link to different activities and information sources.

Our last post, written by Ms. Elizabeth,

featured the virtual version of our Makerspace– starring Miss Katie. There are so many interesting and cool activities on the shelves for you to explore (my favorite is the xylophone). If you haven’t seen or tried it yet, give it a whirl!

So, since we are trying to stay connected in different ways with you, Ms. Liz has created a Virtual Staff Picks Bookshelf for our staff fall picks! We still have our display in the library, but by clicking on the different books in the room below, you can find them online…cool, right?

Check out our bitmoji picks and have bit-mo fun!