Kindness counts…..

World Kindness Day is November 13th, so it’s a good time to remember that we can show kindness to one another every day, especially since this year has been full of twists and turns!

Remember our “kindness rocks” activity from earlier this year? Try putting some more out in your neighborhood, at parks, or even around your house and yard.

The Days of the Year website shares:

You don’t have to limit kindness to others….you can be kind to the earth, animals, and even yourself! This poster has lots of ideas to get started:

For more ideas and activities, visit the Nature’s Path website:

…and simple, easy ideas, at this website, A Fine Parent:

Don’t forget, we have many resources here at the library too, so let us help you find a story or two to share!

And keep these words from “anonymous” in mind…

“When is the best time to be kind?¬†Every¬†time.”