What’s Your Next Great Read? Book Reviews with Ms. Cecily

Are you looking for great adventure in far off lands? Interested in a beginner chapter book? Maybe you are somewhere between? No matter your reading level or interest the library has something waiting for you!

The Secret of the Old Clock by Carolyn Keene
Nancy Drew stories are wonderful mysteries.  But today’s girls may miss the cell phones and computers.  Nancy does have many things going for her, a keen and inquisitive mind, an ability to  ask questions and solve problems and a wealthy father so that she could lead the country club life and run around in her red convertible!
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Ages 8+
Wolf Called Wander by Rosanne Parry
This is the story of a real wolf that has been tracked in the wild.  He is already 10 years old which is very old for a wolf in the wild.  I really enjoyed the story of his wandering around the Pacific Northwest on his 1000 mile journey and how he settled in the Rogue River Valley where he found a mate.
Available at NLPL in print, CD, and Playaway
J PARAges 8+
The Mystery of Black Hollow Lane by Julia Nobel
This has a distinct Harry Potter feel to it.  I am looking forward to where the story takes the reader in book 2. Em’s dad disappeared when she was 3 and her mother who’s a noted child psychiatrist is too busy to parent. That’s when Em is shipped off to Wellsworth, a prestigious English boarding school, where she doesn’t quite fit in. 
Then there are the mysterious letters from someone who tells her to look after her fathers things.  Not an easy task as she doesn’t even remember him. At school, she finds strange symbols etched into walls and books, this leads her to her new friends, Jack and Lola, a secret society: The Order of Black Hollow Lane. Emmy starts connecting events and thinks that the society had something to do with her dad’s disappearance.  What are the secrets that Wellsworth hides? 
If you liked The Mysterious Benedict Society and The Blackthorn Key series you will also like this series.
Available at NLPL in print and Playaway. Also on Hoopla Audio
J NOBAges 9+
The Secret of White Stone Gate by Julia Nobel
Mystery of Black Hollow Lane  book two. Emmy’s friends are in danger!  The Order is now after her friends and are threatening to do worse than just having them beaten up. She has been told to trust no one and the Order wants her to tell them where her father is and Emmy doesn’t know! Emmy is looking forward to returning to Wellsworth, her English boarding school and reuniting with Jack and Lola. When Lola is framed for a crime that she didn’t commit she is expelled from school. Lola is still in the area living with her father but if she doesn’t tell them where her father is, those she loves will pay the price.
Available at NLPL and on Hoopla Audio
J NOBAges 9+
Nowhere Boy by Katherine Marsh
Winner of a Parents’ Choice Silver Award: “An important and riveting story, masterfully told” of family, sacrifice, and the friendship between a young Syrian refugee and an American boy living in Brussels. The Center for Children’s Books calls Nowhere Boy a “perilous journey, tempered by the striking realism of obstacles refugees face daily”. 
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J MARAges 10+
Science on Viking Expeditions by Isaac Kerry
Learn how the Vikings sailed the seas as faraway as the New World hundreds of years before Christopher Columbus. The Vikings were fierce warriors and sent raiding parties throughout the coast of England and Europe. Learn how they became expert sailors and shipbuilders and the science behind it and how they lived on boats. Good companion to the Band of brothers series by John Flannagan.
Available at NLPL in print
J 948.002 KERAges 8+
Science on the Underground Railroad by Tammy Enz
The Underground Railroad was used by slaves trying to escape enslavement in the South. The railroad helped slaves move from house to house to freedom thin the northern United States and Canada. They were guided by conductors.  Science played a role in their escape.  A good companion to Follow the Drinking Gourd and Henry’s Freedom Box.
Available at NLPL in print
J 973.7 ENZAges 8+
Weather by DK books
Weather is all around us.  It changes every day.  Find out what causes the weather to change and how we started to look at the weather.  
Available at NLPL in print
J 551.6 WEAAges 8+
Exploring Mount Everest by Betsy Rathburn
Think of Walking 5.5 miles straight up! That’s 29,032 feet!
Available at NLPL in print
J 954.96 RATAges 8+
I Survived the Wellington Avalanche by Lauren Tarshis
“The Wellington snow slide of 1910 was―and still is―the deadliest avalanche in America’s history. This is the story of one child surviving the frozen nightmare!  pounds with page-turning action and heartwarming hope.”
The snow came down so fast that the train crews could not keep the tracks clear in the Cascade Mountains of Washington. Two trains were stuck in Wellington with drifts up to 20 feet high. They had to wait out the storm …2 days… 4 days…6 days, the storm didn’t stop. Just after midnight on March 1, a lightning storm struck sending a ten-foot-high wave of snow down the mountain. Ninety-Six  people were dead. The Wellington avalanche changed railroad engineering. Lauren Tarshis tells the story of one girl who survived but forever changed by her experience.
Available to request a hold on print, Playaway at NLPL & on Libby
J TARAges 8+
The Magic School Bus Lost in the Snow by Joanna Cole
Based on the Magic School Bus TV show. This time Ms. Frizzle’s class learns about snow. Enjoy the ride on the school bus as it takes you on a wild ride into the clouds. 
Available at NLPL in print
ER 551.5784 COLAges 4+
Alone by Megan Freeman
Twelve-year-old Maddie has plans for a secret sleepover. Her Grandparents spend the winter in Florida so she plans to meet her two best friends for a secret sleepover. She ends up waking up alone—the town has been evacuated and abandoned! She has been left behind! 
As in Hatchet (Gary Paulsen) she has to learn to survive on her own!  No power, no phones, no internet she must learn to survive with her only companion, a large Rottweiler named George. 
She uses ingenuity and invents clever ways to survive. As the seasons pass she escapes natural disasters, looters, wild Animals and loneliness.  At times a little melodramatic but all in all a very satisfying read.
Available to request a hold and on Libby Audio
J FREAges 10+
Operation Do-Over by Gordon Korman
Mason and Ty were the best of friends, science nerds, science fair stars and best buddies! Until Ava Petrakis came into their lives in seventh grade! She became the third in their nerdy science  group and the boys agreed that neither of them would go out with her. Now Mason can trace everything bad in his life to the fight they had over the new girl. Mason would give anything to   have a do-over of that terrible night. But Do-Overs can’t  happen in real life … or can they?
Available at NLPL and Libby
J KORAges 8+
OCDaniel by Wesley King
This book jumps between Daniel’s diary and his life. This book has won several awards Including the Edgar Award for Best Mystery. I would read the book and not listen to this one.
Avaialbe to request a hold and Libby
J KINAges 10+
What Was Pompeii? by Jim O’Connor
After Mt. Vesuvius suddenly erupted in AD 79 the city of Pompeii disappeared under 60 feet of ash. In a few years it had disappeared from memory too. It was not rediscovered for 1700 years. This book is an easy to read account of the rediscovery of Pompeii and the ruins that have been uncovered. Pairs well with Ancient Rome and Pompeii ( J 937 OSB), Vacation  Under the Volcano (J OSB) , and Violent Volcanos ( J 551.21 JEN) 
Avaliable at NLPL
J 937 OCOAges 8+
Vacation Under the Valcano by Mary Pope Osborne
Another adventure through history with Jack and Annie.  This time to Pompeii and the eruption of Mt. Vesuvius, their mission is to save a book from the library in Pompeii before it is buried in Ash and lost forever. As always, an enjoyable time with our favorite Master Librarians Jack and Annie. Pairs well with Ancient Rome and Pompeii ( J 937 OSB) a nonfiction companion for those who wish to learn more. 
Available at NLPL
J OSBAges 4+
Ancient Rome and Pompeii by Mary Pope Osborne
A more in-depth look at Ancient Rome and  Pompeii. You will learn when the roman empire fell and what their civilization left us. There are pictures of the ruins of Ancient Rome and Pompeii. A good first history of the Roman Empire.
Available at NLPL
J 973 OSBAges 7+