Have you heard about NoveList K-8?

Search for fiction or non-fiction books on all grade levels from Kindergarten through 8th grade, or browse the suggested Read-Alikes. You can even tell it what kind of main character you like to read about or give it a book you liked to get Read-Alike suggestions. You can access Novelist K-8  here.

Find Just Right Books for Younger Readers

Have kids who love action/adventure? Kids who want to read books just like their favorite, Harry Potter? Students who have to find nonfiction books at their reading level? NoveList K-8 makes it easy to find just right books that match each reader’s interests and reading level.

Created by Book Experts

NoveList is lovingly created by librarians and book experts. We have over 25 librarians on staff, plus teachers, school media specialists, and children’s librarians from around the country who contribute their expertise. Our hand-crafted recommendations are created by professionals, so you can trust them to be high-quality. We tell you who wrote a recommendation and why the recommendation makes sense.

Resources for Teachers and Parents

If you teach with books, NoveList K-8 is the place to go for inspiration and education. Need lists of books by topic or unit of study? We have ready-to-go materials that are quick and easy to use. Need books for your lessons that meet Common Core State Standards? We have Curriculum Connections and other materials that will get you started.

A Single Place for Reviews

Tired of searching multiple places just to find out what people are saying about a book? NoveList includes reviews from professionals (Booklist, Kirkus, Library Journal, Publishers Weekly, School Library Journal), as well as from readers (Goodreads, Chilifresh). One stop shopping!

NoveList Has Appeal

Appeal factors are terms that help kids decide whether or not a book is “their style” Looking for funny graphic novels? Or exciting rescue stories? We have appeal terms that will help!

Award-Winners, All in One Place

There are A LOT of book awards out there – Caldecott Medal, ALA Notable Books, Newberry Medal, Parents Choice, and more. Wouldn’t it be great if there was one place to find lists of award-winning books? NoveList has that.

B is for Biceps: Anatomy for Kids- April 14th 10:30 AM- 11:15 AM

Come flex your biceps and learn some anatomy too! Authors of the children’s book B is for Biceps: Anatomy for Children are also Physical Therapists. They will lead the group in a fun and interactive anatomy lesson including excerpts from the book and physical activities to test your balance and agility. The lesson will include anatomical models for the children to explore as well as age appropriate fitness challenges. Do you know what your patella does? Come and find out! Signed copies of the book will be available to purchase at this event.

Ages: 4-10