Learn To Draw: Holly and Jolly

Gingerbread houses, Rudolph, wreaths, and mistletoe! Learn how to draw various holiday themed objects by watching these great drawing videos. If you create something you are proud of, we would love to display it at the library! Bring your very merry artwork to the Youth Services desk so we can hang it on our wall. We hope you enjoy this holiday season!

Learn To Draw: Thankful for Art

Thanksgiving is a great time to take a few moments to think about all the things you are grateful for. Here at the New Lenox Library, we are thankful for all of the families that come to the library. We love when you ask us to help you find a great book to read or when you come to storytime to sing and read with us. It makes us all so happy to have so many wonderful people visit us each day!

We hope you enjoy these Thanksgiving themed drawing videos! If you draw something you’d like to display at the library, please bring it to the Youth Services desk. We would love to hang up your artwork!

Storytime To Go: Thanksgiving

With all of the holidays approaching, it’s such a busy time of year! Although the Youth Services staff would love to see your smiling faces at the library, we understand if it’s difficult to make it in. That’s why we’ve put together this collection of stories and songs for you to enjoy whenever and wherever works for you! We hope you enjoy this Thanksgiving themed storytime! Gobble, gobble!

Virtual Winter Wonderland

Welcome to our Virtual Winter Wonderland!

Winter is coming, and so is the holiday season! The Youth Services librarians here at the New Lenox Public Library thought it would be fun to celebrate the most wonderful time of the year by creating a Virtual Winter Wonderland filled with songs, games, read-alouds, and more!

Explore this snowy scene by clicking on various images to discover where they will lead you. For added fun, see if you can spot 7 of our Youth Services Librarians (and identify who is who), a reindeer with a red nose, a kitty enjoying a good book, a frosty snowman, a bundled bear, a waving raccoon, a running Gingerbread Man, and a portly penguin.

We hope you enjoy our Virtual Winter Wonderland! And from all of us here at the New Lenox Public Library, have a happy, merry, wonderful holiday season!

Stay safe and warm!

Virtual Early Literacy Corner

The latest installment of our Virtual Library is here!

Our Virtual Early Literacy Corner is an excellent resource for parents and caregivers of young children. Here you’ll be able to access some great resources including picture book read alouds, songs, games, and other activities for the little ones.

Please take time to enjoy exploring the Virtual Early Literacy Corner by clicking on various items to discover where they will lead you. One of the best things about our Virtual Library is that it is available any time, day or night, so you are free to explore whenever it is convenient for you.

Virtual Haunted Library

🎃Spooky season is here!🎃

If you love Halloween as much as the Youth Services Librarians here at the New Lenox Public Library, then our Virtual Haunted Library will surely be a treat (but watch out for tricks)!

This Virtual Haunted Library is full of wonderful activities, songs, and read alouds.

For extra fun, see if you can find all of the Youth Services Librarians! There are 8 of us: Ms. Alissa, Ms. Elizabeth, Ms. Jen, Ms. Liz O., Ms. Liz Y., Ms. Cecily, Ms. Chris, and Ms. Katie.

Have so much fun exploring the Virtual Haunted Library! We hope you enjoy it as much as we do!

Virtual Makerspace

Our Youth Services librarians here at the New Lenox Public Library have been working hard to find ways to provide services to our patrons during these unprecedented times. If you’ve visited the library recently, you may have noticed that things are, well… different.

While you’re still able to look for books, DVDs, CDs, and audiobooks, and computers are available for kids to use for up to one hour per day, things like tables, chairs, the Makerspace, and toys are currently unavailable. We’re doing our best to continue to offer library services while keeping our patrons and community safe. We’ve had to make some tough decisions on which services we can offer and how to offer them in a safe and responsible way.

That being said, we are so excited to debut our Virtual Library with our Virtual Makerspace! Although physical Makerspace games and toys will not be available for the foreseeable future, we’ve searched far and wide to find digital alternatives that closely replicate them!

We intend to continue to work our way through the library in order to create even more digital offerings. If there is anything you would like to see, please let us know! This is a new service, and your honest feedback is welcome and encouraged!

We hope you enjoy exploring our Virtual Makerspace!