Monthly Mindsets…

When I’m coming up with topics to share with you, I sometimes check out a few websites that focus on daily or monthly holidays and observances. Some days are serious, while others are humorous or uplifting. From Susan B. Anthony Day, to Spaghetti Day, to Science Fiction Day… you’re sure to find something to celebrate!

National Today gives you the options of searching by month or date:

January has a few silly days left…or you can get an early start on February!

Time and Date gives you the same options:

Clicking on the link for each day will provide you with more information or resources…like Groundhog’s Day, for example:

One more calendar page to check out is from Demco. There is an activity calendar and a literacy calendar for each month.

From their website: “Share the February early literacy calendar to help kids grow a love of learning at home. They’ll discover something new every day with songs, games, and much more.”

“Inspire a love of learning with a February calendar full of ideas for engaging children’s activities, craft projects, books suggestions, and more.”

There are lots of good ideas to make these winter days a little more enjoyable and engaging, so have fun with these or search for other fun sites! Stay warm & healthy, and stop in soon to see us!