Turtle Time!


If you thought you saw a variety of turtles around the library last Saturday, your eyes weren’t playing tricks on you.  It was a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Extravaganza!

img_7587-2  img_7617  img_7608

The TMNT candidates had to first decipher their Ninja name, then decorate a shuriken, or throwing star to use at a training station.

ninja-name-1  img_7570 img_7569

Next, the TMNT candidates were required to complete 5 training exercises, consisting of:

Accuracy– Toss the turtle into the sewer lid

img_7618  img_7586-2  img_7623

Agility– Do a spin move, throw the ninja star into the pizza box


Balance– Carry the pizza box across the balance beam

img_7573  img_7575

Endurance– Hold your best ninja pose for 10 seconds

img_7624   img_7610   img_7571

Patience– Transfer the sushi using chopsticks

img_7581    img_7580

img_7578     img_7625

Stealth– Move through the lasers without sounding the alarm

img_7576   img_7583

And check out the radioactive ooze- how it all started for the Turtles!


As the candidates finished the training course, they showed their completion form…

 img_7606   img_7605   img_7607

and were awarded their official TMNT headband!

img_7619   img_7622   img_7620

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles LOVE pizza, so to end the day, the new “heros-in-a-half-shell” decorated pizza cookies,

img_7591  img_7597

   img_7602  img_7598  img_7609

and then enjoyed their treat after a hard day’s work!

  img_7600    img_7599      img_7614       img_7594



Be sure to ask for a new Winter Program Guide at the Youth Services desk for information about our upcoming programs and join in the fun!