Youth Services Staff Picks- Summer 2018: Part Three: The Finale

Alissa’s Picks:

Volcanoes by Martha Rustad E 551.21 RUS

With so much in the news lately about volcanoes, curious readers might be interested in this great book from the Smithsonian Institute. With big, color photos and easy-to-read info boxes, this title is a wonderful choice for budding geologists!

Butterflies and Moths by Nic Bishop J 595.789 BIS

Summertime means butterflies! Author/Photographer Nic Bishop gets up close and personal with some beautiful butterflies, as well as moths, caterpillars, and cocoons. Perfect for helping to identify butterflies in your garden!

Going Places by Peter and Paul Reynolds E REY

When Maya joins the annual Going Places race, the other contestants are concerned with how different her entry is- but maybe everyone’s go carts don’t have to be the exact same! This great story celebrates creativity and uniqueness.

The Scariest Book Ever by Bob Shea E SHE

Can you handle a trip into the scary woods? Or would you rather eat donuts with a silly ghost who just wants to clean the bathroom and cuddle his kitten? This story takes a look at things we think are scary, but are really harmless…and there’s donuts.

Swing It, Sunny by Jennifer L. Holm and Matthew Holm J GN HOL

This wonderful sequel to Sunny Side Up takes readers to middle school with Sunny, an optimistic tween with a slew of problems. Starting a new school can be hard on anyone, and Sunny is worried about making friends, as well as about her brother, who has been sent off to boarding school. Can she handle all these things and stay Sunny Side Up?

Newsprints by Ru Xu J GN XU

Blue is an orphan girl who dresses up like a boy to sell newspapers during wartime. She meets a boy named Crow, who is also hiding something about his identity. Together, they try to figure out how much truth to tell and how important friendship is.

The Thing About Georgie by Lisa Graff J GRA

Georgie is pretty sure everyone has a “thing.” His Mom’s “thing” is that she is having a baby. The thing about his classmate, Jeanie i, is that she hates working with him on a project. Georgie’s thing? He has dwarfism, a medical condition that has limited his growth. But will Georgie find out what makes us more alike than different?

Sheena’s Picks:

The Watermelon Seed by Greg Pizzoli E PIZ

This silly book addresses the age-old question, what happens to me if I swallow a watermelon seed? Our friend, the alligator, hilariously finds out.

Blackout by John Rocco E ROC

During one hot, summer night, the lights go out and the city turns dark. Although it’s scary at first, this one particular family quickly discovers that it’s not so bad, it may even turn out to be fun!

Monkey and Elephant Get Better by Carole Lexa Schaefer ER SCH

Monkey and Elephant find that they have many things in common, except for the fact that Monkey is a monkey and Elephant is an elephant. When they both become sick, they each have different ideas of how to take care of one another. Can they help one another feel better even though their ideas are so different?

Summer of Forsaken Lake by Michael D. Beil J BEI

Twelve-year-old Nicholas and his twin sisters spend the summer with their great uncle in Ohio. Snooping through some old boxes, they find an unfinished movie and a love letter written to their father many years ago. this becomes the beginning of a fascinating mystery that is just begging to be solved. Jam-packed with mystery and adventure, this is a great summer read.

Treasure Hunters by James Patterson J PAT

The Kidds siblings have grown up traveling the world hunting for treasure along with their famous treasure hunting parents. However after their parents go missing on the job, their skills are put to the test in a race to find them. Dodging dangerous pirates and sneaky rivals using only cryptic clues and their gut instincts, finding out what happens to their parents is their biggest treasure hunt of all.

Sensory Parenting from Newborns to Toddlers: Everything is Easier When Your Child’s Senses are Happy by Britt Collins  PC 649.1 COL

From the neighbors’ incessantly barking dog to the texture of your mom’s casserole, we all have sensory issues at one time or another. Children are no different. But wouldn’t it make parenting easier if you could make all of your child’s senses happy? This book has all the tips, tricks, and solutions to help make that happen!

Kookaburra by Steven Anderson E READALONG AND

Learn about our friendly Kookaburra through beautiful illustrations and a catchy tune. Get your singing pipes ready as you’ll be singing along in no time.