NLPL…Your Collection Connection!

Do you have a collection that you would love to share with others? If so, then the library is the place for you! Stop by the Youth Services desk to have your questions answered and to fill out the request form.

Currently, we have two collections on display, and we would love to fill the cases. Patrons enjoy stopping to look when they visit, so you might inspire someone to start collecting- just by sharing what you have collected!

This Hot Wheels display attracts young and old viewers. I know my four year old grandson would be crazy about all these cars along with the tidbits of information…and so would his dad:

Everyone stops at this display, too, as comments like “oh, how cute!” float through the air. Look how sweet and colorful these characters are:

Do you have Shopkins, LOLs, or Polly Pockets to share? Maybe coins, stamps, or rocks? Stop in soon to find out how and when you can share your prized collection. There’s a display case waiting for you!