When the weather outside is frightful….or cold…

This winter is predicted to be a little colder than last year…

It’s time to hunker down and face winter since it will be here for awhile. The outlook is what we’ve come to expect here in the Midwest, so stay cozy with those gloves, hats, and mittens for the next few months. The Farmer’s Almanac has predicted a cold and wet winter for our area. This article highlights a few of the twists and turns coming with this year’s “Polar Coaster“.

More details can also be found on the Channel 5 website to help you to prepare -not that you’ve forgotten what it’s like!

I recently saw a woolly bear caterpillar on the sidewalk and remembered that folklore says you can predict winter by observing the color and thickness of their fuzzy coat. The National Weather Service has interesting information about how valid this may or may not be. Either way, it’s fun to learn about these tales.

Fact or fiction?

Since there’s nothing we can do about the freezing temperatures, a bit of snow would be pretty and offer outdoor activity options. Snowflake Bentley by Jacqueline Briggs Martin tells about a humble country boy who studied snowflakes throughout his life. You can read more about him and his quest to photograph and share his love of snowflakes:

Many people started taking a closer look at snow after learning about the work and inspiring photos of Wilson Bentley. We have these books available with more information and stunning photographs and illustrations:

Another book, The Story of Snow, is available in the library and also on the website in Tumblebooks. You can watch the video presentation or read along with the Tumblepad online. Find the Kids tab, click on the Tumblebooks icon, then search for the title or subject. After you locate the book, you will be able to choose either option.

I hope we have some snow soon so you can enjoy a hands-on experience with studying how snowflakes are formed. In the meantime, read up on the subject so you’re ready to go! Check back soon for more outside activities to try…snow foolin’!