Database Details

Are you working on a report or project for school? Did you know there are databases available online at When you visit the Homework Help section in the Kids tab of our website, you will find resources to help you with research.

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Let’s take a look at TrueFlix, a database for science and social studies topics.

On the content page of TrueFlix, you can browse the subjects to see if your topic or area of interest is listed.

Once you choose a subject area, you will see several subtopics. For example, under Information Literacy, these books are the choices available:

Clicking on the title Types of Maps will give you the option of watching a video or reading the book:

As you read or listen to the book, important vocabulary words are highlighted. When you click on the word, the pronunciation and definition pop up. (These words are also found in the glossary at the end of the book.) There are also charts, diagrams, and other features you would normally find in non-fiction books.

Once you’ve watched the video or read the book, there are ways to learn more about the topic in each of the colored tabs on the left.

Do you need to create a project for school? TruFlix has you covered! Suggestions can be found here as well, with step-by-step instructions.

The next tab has fun activities to reinforce important points of the topic with questions to answer and a word match puzzle.

Finally, you can explore your topic further with links to other internet sites.

So give TrueFlix a try when you need to do some research, or just for fun…and while you’re visiting our website, see what other online resources we have to help with homework or boost your brain power!