The weather is warming up, and my thoughts turn to gardening and outdoor activities in the dirt! I love watching trees and plants as they begin their new growth season. One sure sign of spring’s arrival is the return of weeds in my garden! Getting out in the garden and flower beds to pull weeds is a necessary first step before any kind of planting, so that can be a starting point for outdoor activities. The good news is that it is possible to start gardening as we “shelter in place” without making a trip to garden centers. Visit these websites for inspiration:

Easy to read infographic from Food Revolution Network

You can always try experimenting with the science projects seen here:

Don’t let the fun and creativity stop with gardening! Set up an easy outdoor play space with relatively few supplies to “grow” your imagination. Click on the photos below for suggestions and information at The Imagination Tree:

There are many different ideas and how-to’s at The Empowered Educator to design some backyard exploration areas:

A garden game can also be garden art!

Visit our online e-book collection for books available online. Don’t forget there are links to access these resources and a help button if needed!

This is a small section of the search I did for gardening. There are many choices, both fiction and non-fiction, when you enter “gardening” in the search bar.

Be sure to take pictures of any projects you might try to share with us when we welcome you back! Good luck, stay healthy, and hopefully we will see you soon!