Summer Suggestions…

The NLPL Summer Reading Challenge is underway with a different look this year. First of all, we will be missing your smiling faces when you would normally be visiting us to turn in your reading logs! However, that shouldn’t keep you from reading and sending your completed logs as shown on our website. Just think how proud your teachers will be, and us too!

The more you read-or complete activities, the more raffle entries you can earn! Just print another sheet and send it in. All of the activities will help keep your learning skills sharp over the summer, but my favorite activity on the list is still reading.

I love sitting outside when the weather is nice with a good book, or curling up in my favorite chair and reading when it’s rainy, or reading in bed before dozing off for the night. Perhaps out in a tent like this guy? If you have a hard time deciding what to read, why not make a game out of it?

Below are several different “reading bingo” sheets. You can make your own,any size you’d like too. Use these for inspiration to print to get started. Or make it smaller by changing it to Tic-Tac-Toe…or look for books about a specific color…or make a card with different genres…lots of possibilities! has a printable sheet and resources to find books:

The Chirping Moms have a great set of 3 different cards for more fun ideas:

Here’s one more to print or look over for ideas:

Now you can start thinking of all the different kinds of books you may want to read this summer to keep exercising your brain and for fun. Check our NLPL website often for virtual summer programs and any news we have for you!. Enjoy summer, stay well, and we hope to see you soon!