Virtual Makerspace

Our Youth Services librarians here at the New Lenox Public Library have been working hard to find ways to provide services to our patrons during these unprecedented times. If you’ve visited the library recently, you may have noticed that things are, well… different.

While you’re still able to look for books, DVDs, CDs, and audiobooks, and computers are available for kids to use for up to one hour per day, things like tables, chairs, the Makerspace, and toys are currently unavailable. We’re doing our best to continue to offer library services while keeping our patrons and community safe. We’ve had to make some tough decisions on which services we can offer and how to offer them in a safe and responsible way.

That being said, we are so excited to debut our Virtual Library with our Virtual Makerspace! Although physical Makerspace games and toys will not be available for the foreseeable future, we’ve searched far and wide to find digital alternatives that closely replicate them!

We intend to continue to work our way through the library in order to create even more digital offerings. If there is anything you would like to see, please let us know! This is a new service, and your honest feedback is welcome and encouraged!

We hope you enjoy exploring our Virtual Makerspace!